How to Efficiently Cover Government Exam Syllabus?

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Karnataka State Eligibility Test (KSET) is conducted by the University of Mysore which is authorized by the Karnataka State Eligibility Test Center. If the candidate is able to pass this examination he is posted as an assistant professor in colleges under Karnataka Government. The previous year this examination was held in 11 test centers and 39 subjects in Karnataka. According to the KSET website, the candidates who are able to cross the threshold of cutoff marks of KSET are treated on the basis of rules and regulations made for lecturers and assistant professors of Universities and colleges under the Karnataka Government.

Tips to Prepare for such Government Examinations

1. Acclimate Yourself to Online Methods of Testing

Due to a lack of practice options online, most of the aspirants practice only on pen and paper. These make them face some problems such as time management, extra steps while solving quantitative sums, and changing from one question to another. These are some of the things that make the students face problems while attempting the online-based examination. Thus, giving more and more online practice exams is very essential.

2. Eliminating answers play in your favor

Practicing the craft of elimination is a key skill. If the correct answer is unknown to you then you can take the reverse way and eliminate the answers you think to be incorrect. Knowing which answer options are incorrect or do not match with the demand of the question asked and eliminating them from the thought process, one’s chances of getting success in exams increases.

3. Avoid Mindless Guessing

In general, a correct answer will help you gain one point, which will take you closer to accuracy and if the answer is wrong then the negative marking is 0.25. However, random guesses should not be entertained as they might result in negative marking. If you are totally unsure or feel hesitant about the topic completely and incline towards giving the answer on the basis of a guess then you must refrain from answering the question. This will unnecessarily earn you negative marking which can’t be afforded in such a competitive scenario. Leverage Edu reviews show this technique to be especially beneficial for cracking government as well as study abroad examinations.

4. Use more than one Study material

Good quality study materials must be referred for studies. It is very important to rely on good trustworthy study material as low-quality study material and books of less popular publishers can be risky and may be based on wrong or unproven knowledge or information. This, in turn, may mislead you. Moreover, it is also always better to prepare from materials gathered from a variety of sources. Choose your study material wisely and do not rely on a single source of information since you must avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

5. During the demanding phase of preparing for exams, one should pay heavy attention to learning and practicing by devoting at least four to six hours of time each day along with For those not interested in taking coaching classes, they must devote as much time as possible in their efforts to perfect their knowledge.

6. It is better to avoid TV, mobile as well as internet at least one to three months before your exam day. They tend to break concentration and divert attention. The fewer indulgences you have, the more can you work on your strong points and weaknesses.

7. Getting accustomed to a well-planned and personalized routine is always the best method to work towards a goal. This helps you stay focused on your aim and makes you disciplined.

8. Today, in an era where negative marking plays an important role in most competitive exams, the trick to solve this problem is simply avoiding as many mistakes as possible. Avoiding mistakes would avoid negative marking; in turn, increase your scores and chances of clearing the exam. Another problem faced by the aspirants is proper time management and study plan. Studying from a trusted and proven source is also a very important criterion. Studying from incorrect or old study materials or following a book of poor publication would only leave you more confused.

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