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Our Audience:

Our audience includes experts as well as aspiring Content Creator who are interested in Educational Content Marketing. Your guest post must target our core audience based on the topics we cover.

  • Jobs & Career Postal Related
  • Jobs Interview Questions & Answers, Interview Preparation
  • Govt Exams Tips and Tricks/ How-To
  • Career Advice & Consultancy
  • A Govt Job Post, Govt Vacancies Updates
  • Private Jobs & Notification
  • A career in College or Organisation, Universities
  • Multi-National & Public Sector Companies
  • Abroad Jobs & Notifications, Study Abroad
  • Scheme And Yojana Blog
  • Govt Jobs Study Material,
  • Education,
  • Online Training, Online Study
  • India Govt Exams Preparation,
  • Skill Management, Self-Development, Personality Development
  • Online Courses, Online Books, Reference Books
  • Training Institutes, Management Colleges
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Model Papers, Mock Test Papers
  • Computer Training Providers, and so on

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Rules For Guest/Sponsored Posts:

You cannot promote your company directly in a guest post if it hasn’t been approved first. A guest post should confirm your knowledge of leadership. Your sole purpose should be to educate our readers on a topic that will help them. This is only possible if you do some research on the topic.

You can link to your products and services online within the main body of your guest posting. However, it is a good idea to include a lot of links and references to your website or service (or the products or services of your customers). Our readers will see this as an advertisement and not like it. They won’t share it.

You can add an Author’s Bio/Signature Section at the end of your article. This section allows you to attach your website.
Do not include screenshots to mark your products or services. This is done to avoid any promotional sense.

Guidelines For Your Guest Post To Be Accepted?

  • The article should be unique (plagiarism-free)
  • Get a feel for what we publish. Read some of our blogs.
  • Write to wanna be digital marketers and learners try to be helpful. Offer what they are lacking.
  • Do not tell people to do what you say. Be determined, and explain how.
  • 800+ is the goal, but a shorter and more detailed blog is better than a long lecture.
  • Speak I, we, you. Use the same words that you normally use. Use friendly voices.
  • Use stock images or original Videos (PNGs or JPGs) (preferred with embedded codes)
  • Passionate and intense.

How to Submit Your Guest Post Content:

Do not feel like you have to finish the entire content before you send it to us. Just simply send us an email at [email protected] or fill in our contact form and we’ll come back to discuss with you.

    Contact us if you are unsure if your article idea is within our guidelines but think it will be enjoyed by our viewers.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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